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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 25, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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to do that. >> dana: i have a question. would you wear that suit? >> eric: i would. >> greg: halloween. >> kimberly: are you better off? 'canes was a fabulous show. thank you for joining us. >> bob: why are you dumping on the show just because obama was voting. >> bret: romney erases the gender gap with women while obama plays the abortion card to gain some of the points back. just # 2 days until america -- 12 days until america votes. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. down to an even dozen days until america heads to the polls. if you live in a handful of key states one of the two men on the presidential ticket has probably either visited or will visit an arena, stadium, gymnasium or airport near you. president obama is taking the shotgun approach, hitting several states.
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during a to-day marathon. today, romney is laserring in on perhaps the biggest electoral prize of all. chief political correspondent carl cameron begins our coverage from ohio. >> using a cincinnati machine shop as backdrop to ohio to promote job creation, mitt romney blasted the president for failing to offer an economic comeback strategy. >> the obama campaign doesn't have a plan. the obama campaign is slipping because he is talking about smaller and smaller things. despite the fact that america has huge challenges. and this is an opportunity for america. that's why on november 6, i am counting on ohio to vote for big change. >> the president now toting 20-page glossy booklet of second term goals for the final 12 campaign days romney called at it choice between big change for future growth versus the president status quo of stagnation. >> path of status quo the president represents will take to us $20 trillion in debt by
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the end of the next four years. status quo path. is the path that doesn't have an answer about how to get our economy going. >> the status quo path of this president continues to shrink our military year after year. >> president obama was in virginia and continued his assault on romney proposals and credible. >> you know his plan isn't any different than the positives that got us in trouble. final weeks of the election, he is counting on you forgetting. >> the latest fox news polls in virginia shows romney leading 47-45 within the margin of error. among independents romney's lead is now 22 points. they were tied last month. romney's debate bounce is still going. latest rasmussen poll of the reaction of all the debate taken together shows 49% think romney won overall to 41% for obama. first two weeks of october as the first two debates took place, romney and the republican national committee collected $111 million and now have $169 million in the bank. the president and democratic
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national committee have not released their early october numbers. much will be spent on get out the vote efforts with the early voting underway, the romney camp boasts stronger organization in most key swing state than the 2008 campaign mccain or two winning bush races before that. romney plans a major speech in battleground state of iowa tomorrow on the nation's current $16 trillion federal debt. he will blame much of it on president al-balawi an obama ane status quo stagnant policies brent vide future for the country and re-emphasize the new slogan for closing 12 days of big change. then he will bring it back here to ohio to continue to battle for the buckeye state. >> bret: carl cameron life in defiance tonight. thank you. one of the president's core support groups appears to be staging somewhat of a rebellion tonight. chief white house correspondent ed henry looks at the new numbers indicating the incumbent big advantage with women disappeared. >> as the once mighty lead among women continues to
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evaporate, president obama used a friendly couch of comedian jay leno to shift the final stretch focus away from trouble spots like the economy in libya to hot buttons like abortion. >> you have a supreme court that, you know, typically, a president is going to have probably another couple of appointments in the course of his term. roe v. wade is probably hanging in the balance. >> he has reason to worry about slipping support among women. with the new a.p. gfk poll showing republican romney now pulled even with the president among women nationally. 47% to 4 47%. if erasing 15-point lead that he had a month ago. what is resonating is the team romney claim that women vote more on the economy than social issues. >> we have so many people coming up to me saying, "please help." i can tell you right now help is on the way. >> a month ago the a.p. poll found women favored president on economy by a whopping margin of 56% to 40%.
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now, it's flipped dramatically. as romney has edge of 49% to 45%. the bright side for the president is the same poll found among female voters 55% say he would make the right decisions on women's issues, compared with just 41% for romney. he the president raised eyebrows today telling "rolling stone" magazine that romney a and he used the real word. >> women should be making their own healthcare decisions. that's why the healthcare law we pass put choices in your hands. that is where it belongs. that's where it will stay as long as i'm president of the united states. >> which helps explains why the campaign is bouncing on the highly controversial comments on rape by indiana senate candidate richard murdoch. >> even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, it's something that god intended to happen.
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>> murdoch democratic opponent joe donnelly believes that life begins at conception and murdoch says he regrets the way the comments were interpreted and he abhors rape, the obama camp sees this as an opportunity. he says murdoch is the only senate candidate that romney has a tv ad for. >> conception doesn't change definition of life. >> look at the two numbers just out among likely female voters in the state of virginia. latest fox news poll. president had 12-point edge in the poll among women last month. tonight is down to six points. this is clearly a trouble spot in the final days. >> bret: all right, ed. thank you. more on that with the panel. as you can tell, we're pouring plenty of resources in state of ohio in the final two weeks of the campaign. steve brown is in columbus. he takes another look at another of the president's go-to groups. and why it probably should not be taken for granted either.
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>> three times a day ohio state students board a bus. [ singing ] on this one, a ukulele duo provided entertainment while bumper stickers were handed out on the 15-minute ride to cast voigts early. >> helping people get the word out. they know the importance of the election. they know how much the president is fighting for us. >> hello buckeyes. obama campaign is counting on another robust youth vote turnout in ohio. repeat of obama mania of 2008? unlikely says emeritus paul beck who says the challenge is two-fold. >> get the young voters to prefer obama over romney as much as they preferred obama over mccain in 2008. >> and then there is getting them to vote. >> working against the president is a sluggish economy. >> i have friends who graduated this past year now babysitting ones working at a pool when they graduated from ohio state university with
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good degrees. romney supports on campus are visible and active. another change from 2008. >> obama backers pushed early voting in person or absentee an it appears they've got some work to do. the work that make up the ohio state neighborhood four years ago delivered nearly 6,000 early votes. as of yesterday, the same in 2012 produced a little over half that. 3,000 early votes. quite frankly, a lot of people are college students. we don't do things until the last minute. it's definitely a challenge to make sure we can get over the do things right away. >> what is that about billionaires? it's true. >> what are you doing to us? >> note the president's recent interview on the late night talk show, mtv, rolling stone, "us weekly" outlets with the young adult appeal. while they continue to bus ohio state students to get their votes in early over bolling green state university it's a placard covered golf cart. the distance to the local polling area, two blocks.
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whatever it takes. when the stakes are this high. bret? >> steve, thank you. governor romney is also gaining on the twitter index. he has pulled within five points of the president after picking up four earlier in the week. president obama still leads by five. but has lost nine points. the twitter index evaluates the sentiment of twitter user about the candidate. you can see the spread was eight points in may. scroll down, we'll continue to follow the trend lines. we'll have full analysis on election night of all kind of things on twitter. you can see that also online. on financial experts are downgrading their forecast for an economic recovery. reuters poll indicates they expect 2 p.c. growth in 2013. down -- 2% growth in 2013. we are just 67 days and a few hours from walking right up to the essential of the fiscal cliff. the scheduled expiration of the bush era tax cuts at the
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end of the year. tonight, chief national correspondent jim angle tells us the uncertainty if that will happen has the economy stuck if neutral. >> few cheer orders and durable goods such as airplanes increased by 9.9% last month. after falling more than 13%, the previous month. a picture of a business community, afraid to take a chance. >> they don't see hope in the immediate future. evidence. concerns for the future. so they are willing to sit back. manufacturing sector at stall speed. >> and wells fargo says the business investment aside from defense spending in aircraft was flat last month. and is falling drastically over the longer term. >> often within 25 p.c. of three-month annualized basis we really never seen that series drop by that magnitude at any time in the last 20 years. without leading to a slowdown in overall economic growth. >> one reason many analysts say is the business community increasingly worried about
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soaring deficit and debt. and wondering how and when it will all come to a screeching halt. >> just today, grouprething 80 ceos rang the opening bell on wall street to draw attention to the call for bowles-simpson solution to cut federal spending and raise revenues by eliminating tax deductions with one ceo writing "if the congress can commit to a plan outlined as earl as possible after the election, it will restore business confidence in the economy and investment will follow." president obama is repeating a promise he made four years ago to do something about that. >> i want to reduce our deficit. by $4 trillion. but i want to do in a balanced way. cut out the spending we don't need. but i'm going to ask the wealthiest americans to pay more. >> president obama states he will reduce the deficit by $4 trillion. that is the greatest financial misrepresentation ever made by a leader in the united states.
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>> in fact, president own mid-term budget shows debt increasing from a little more than $16 trillion in 2012 to more than $25 trillion in 2022. which drives budget hawks up the wall. >> his own debt all right to congress laying out what would happen an what he proposes would happen does increase the deficit by $11 trillion oaf the next ten years. >> an until washington stops the unsustainable practice of accepting way more than it takes in, business leaders won't know when it's safe to start investing again. bret? >> bret: jim, thanks. not a bad day on wall street. the dow gained 26. both the s&p 500 and the nasdaq were up four and change. broadcast networks are covering instead of the libya scandal is later in the grapevine. next, what did the obama administration do an what it didn't do to try to save the americans killed in benghazi. [ male announcer ] when these come together,
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>> bret: at apparent insider attack in afghanistan tops world headlines. the u.s. military says two americans were killed when a man in afghan police uniform opened fire today. nato says before today's assault 53 troops were killed in insider attacks this year. syrian army is promising to observe a four-day cease-fire for major muslim holiday starting friday. rebel reaction ranges from scent schism to outright refusal. the opposition forces released the video of anti-regime forces who claimed to have made advances in the city of aleppo. we now have a better idea why help came too late for the americans under siege. and eventually killed at the u.s. mission in benghazi, libya, last month. catherine herridge has detail
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details. >> while military assets were moved in response to the libyan crisis, the defense secretary told reporters the intelligence on the ground was so poor they had to hold. >> the basic principle is that you don't deploy forces in to harm's way. without knowing what is going on, without having real-time information on what is taking place. >> joint decision on a six-hour timeline by panetta joint of chairman joints chief dempsey and regional general carter ham. report from the consulate security in benghazi with drone video and second wave of the attack on the c.i.a. outpost did not provide needed clarity for military force. >> it happened within a few hours. it was really over before we had the opportunity to know what was happening. >> three days later tim played
3:18 pm
in out tunisia. the u.s. embassy was ransacked. windows broken. second symbol of the influence of the american school was targeted. it's supporters of the islamic law. >> same organization, maybe not the same people but the same organization. take advantage of the momentum of 9/11. >> 6:07:00 p.m. on september 11, the white house situation room was alerted and the state department e-mailed that the embassy trippi reports the group ansar al-sharia claimed responsibility on facebook and twitter. the only suspect in custody is a tunisian. who is part of ansar al-sharia. a second suspect, libyan killed in cairo after he rigged his apartment with explosives a exchanged gunfire with egyptian authorities. fox news has told a third suspect is believed to have
3:19 pm
fought for al-qaeda in iraq. david petraeus is growing scrutiny and james clapper. the initial assessment that blame anti-islam video. the criticism comes from the senior republican senator. >> talking point came from the white house, but the white house clearly had to get their information from clapper and petraeus. that to me is beyond anything i imagined of these two individuals and their agencie agencies. if it's true. >> in a letter the speaker of the house john boehner is pressing obama to publicly address questions on benghazi, from the reluctance to provide security to consulate staff after a repeated request forto how and on what basis the administration changed the story from escalating protest from anti-islam video to terrorist attack. in simple terms the speaker of the house wants the president as commander in chief to explain the contradictory
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statements from the administration before the election. >> bret: thank you. we are reworking the hour special for this weekend. new revelations to the "special report" investigation in to benghazi. stay tuned for that. we'll have a preview tomorrow. still ahead -- what is happenin happening in tt senate races around the country? first special panel of battleground experts on what the presidential candidates need to do in three key states. mike rowe here at a ford dealer with a little q&a for fiona. tell me fiona, who's having a big tire event? your ford dealer. who has 11 major brands to choose from? your ford dealer. who's offering a rebate? your ford dealer. who has the low price tire guarantee... affording peace of mind to anyone who might be in the market for a new set of res? your ford dealer. i'm beginning to sense a pattern. buy four select tires, get a $60 rebate. use the ford service credit credit card, get $60 more. that's up to $120. where did you get that sweater vest? your ford dealer. to take a centrum silver multivitamin every day. i told him, sure. can't hurt, right?
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♪ ♪ >> bret: we are continuing a special series tonight for the final three weeks of the race. we're going to talk about three of the major battleground states. and get a sense of what voters are thinking there. joining me now from las vegas, nevada, is political expert john rollston, from in toledo, ohio, political
3:24 pm
science professor melissa miller of bolling green state university. from colorado, university of denver, political science professor, seth maskett. thank you for being here. go around the horn to get a sense of where it stands. john, first to you. nevada. your sense of what is happening there on the ground? >> on the ground, the democrats are crushing the republicans in early voting, bret. early voting has record turn-out. about 30% higher in las vegas, clark county than it was four years ago. i'm not so sure four years ago is a good comparison for anybody. that was a wave election and mccain essentially abandoned nevada. the democrats have a 30,000-vote lead after five days of early voting here in clark county. where 70% of the votes are going to be cast. republicans are putting the best face on it. trying to compare it to 2008. saying they are doing better than 2008. but that is saying my buffalo bills that got to the bowles are doing better than this year's bills team.
3:25 pm
>> bret: c'ya, so i should put -- this is the average of the four latest polls inness. president obama with 49.5%. romney with 46.8%. romney did go to reno. trying apparently to chip away. we usually look at where people go. candidate misfinal days. clearly they are looking at something. >> romney's internal polling shows him in the race. maybe even slightly ahead. they would think they would be. we have the worst economy in the country. romney should be ahead here. but that democratic machine is formidable here. harry reid in 2010. allowed obama to win the state by 19 points in 2008. they are going up against that. he was not just in reno, he and paul ryan were in las vegas the previous day. they are here or putting on a show or they believe they can
3:26 pm
win. >> let's talk about ohio. melissa, the real clear politics average of polls, eight recent polls. polling going on in ohio. this has president obama at 47.9%. 45.8% for governor romney. this has closed in recent days. what is your take of the situation on the ground in ohio? >> now it's just a narrow lead for barack obama. that lead was down from 7 to even 11 points a month ago. so, obama is hanging on. romney has gotten tremendous momentum out of the debate; particularly, the first debate. but obama is hanging on because ohio is doing better. the unemployment rate in ohio peaked three years ago at 10.6%. now it's down to just 7% as of september. that is really helping the president along with the auto bail-out. >> bret: you think that the auto bail-out message and we talked when we were out there in toledo still resonates in
3:27 pm
ohio. or do you think that the debate situation and what happened in the debates has kind of changed the dynamic on the ground at all? >> i think the dynamic has been changed on the ground because romney has more momentum than he had before the debate season. i think the auto bail-out and the economy is what accounting for obama hanging on to the slim lead. it may make the difference for him. we have to see? >> bret: okay. let's go to colorado. seth, the real clear politics average in colorado. this is five of the latest polls there in colorado. has romney at 47.8%. obama at 47.6%. your sense of the situation on the ground in colorado. >> this could go either way at this point. the polls that have this very close for the last few weeks now. it's really all about turn-out. we have seen it from the candidates in the last month. romney and obama have each
3:28 pm
been here three times during october. paul ryan has been here five times. romney and ryan did a sold-out show at red rock amphitheater the other night and president obama was just here to 16,000 people yesterday. here in denver. >> bret: we are looking at video of the red rock thing. i dop mean to interrupt. romney event with kid rock playing. it was a big event for the romney crowd. >> another thing we're seeing is widespread use of field offices by both campaigns, but particularly by the obama campaign. they have something like 60 field offices gathered throughout the state. i think the romney come pain only has a dozen of them. we're not totally sure what the effect of the field office will be on election day. at least in the short-term it looks like they made a difference in voter registration. democrats had a disadvantage in republicans in voter registration until a few months ago. the later numbers have them closing that gap to about 40,000 voters. >> bret: so this colorado
3:29 pm
from the romney campaign, do you think that that is real on the ground? you are talking about the obama campaign has offices there. there is a sense signed the romney campaign they are talking about colorado bag possibly. >> it's a real possibility for both campaigns. obama campaign was leading for a while. after the debate it has evened up. it's hard to know what voter turn-out effort we'll see in last few weeks of the campaign. from the field offices, whether the republican party an some other conservative groups will be able to help out in turn-out effort along those lines, too. >> bret: final word. melissa and then john. >> yeah, the same is true in ohio where obama has 3.5 times as many field offices as romney. i don't think that means that romney doesn't have a good tv operation. today, the director of the republican party at the state
3:30 pm
level said the party knock on 300,000 doors in the last week. the democrats say their geo tv operation is trick. >> bret: get out the vote. john, last word? >> the republican party here, bret, essentially has a vacancy sign in front of it. the romney campaign and rnc have taken over. there are good people on the ground here. they have to cut in the clark county edge in the next nine days of early voting or it will be too late. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. next week we will check in with three other experts from three other states. another do as i say, not as i do for from the main stream media. where is all the coverage of the libya scand? stay with us. where others fail, droid powers through.
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>> bret: fresh pickings from political grape grip. fox news continued to ask questions about the libyan scand that levitt four dead including the american ambassador, much of the media are making different editorial decisions. in last night evening newscast on abc, cbs and nbc, five minutes total were devoted to the continuing unfolding story. that is total. abc for 37 seconds. network morning shows allotted about 3-1/2 minutes total. on all of the morning shows. they gave significantly more time to snookie, the inventor of the dyson vacuum cleaner, mini ipad, worst halloween
3:35 pm
pun costumes and the last episodes of "friends." in today's newspapers, "new york times" had it on a-6 and "washington post" had it on a-9. news busters caught a bit of hypocrisy in "hardball" segment on msnbc. anchor chris ma chews called out sarah palin racist for using a phrase he himself has used. chuck and jive. listen to ma chews yesterday and then 2010. >> chuck and >> i have has a ethnic connection. not bad in all cases, slang. but to throw it at the president is ethnic shot. blatant. what has it been like as you shuck and jive, hang out with men and women over there in uniform risking their lives every day? >> bret: finally, congress is rebounding while it is out of session. gallup says public approval is up to 21%. the highest in 17 months. the "washington post" karen
3:36 pm
tumulte tweeted congress approval rating soars in latest gasolineup will poll. now a mere four out of five americans despise it. now we continue examine face of the suspected voter fraud across the country. tonight looking at virginia. senior correspondent eric shawn tells us about what some people may be doing to try to cheat in the commonwealth. >> 23-year-old colin small who worked for virginia republican party contractor is charged by a local prosecutor with throwing some completed voter registration forms in the dumpster. now the case is being investigated by the state's attorney general. republican ken kuchinelli. >> what we bring to this is a statewide look to see if this reached beyond just this one person. did it represent the way that the economy he may work for did business? were there other people undertabing the same sort of activitys? >> three democratic virginia congressmen calling for a federal investigation of the
3:37 pm
case. and small's employer. it turns out one of the democrats calling for the feds, northern virginia congressman jim moran suffered embarrassing political setback of his own. >> hardcore [bleep] his son patrick resigned from his father's campaign. after being caught on tape. giving tips on how to commit voter fraud. he was recorded by activist james o'keeffe group. at first, he resisted after being approached. bu >> patrick moran told the
3:38 pm
"associated press" in a statement he was not taking the person seriously but he was unstable. joking and humoring him. he admits he should have immediately walked away. meanwhile, the arlington county police department started its own criminal investigation of moran's actions. >> bret: thanks. is voter fraud a concern in your area? let me know on twitter. we're keeping track of hurricane sandy as it brushes the southeastern coast. already hitting and has hit cuba hard. south florida is getting rain and rough surf this afternoon. but the big impact could be the northeast. mid-atlantic right here in a few days. as you look at the track. the fox all-stars are next. with their take on the presidential campaign. and the apparent disappearance of the gender gap. oohooo....hah!
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>> bret: as you look live at the white house, we have new fox polls out tonight. and while everybody focuses sometimes on the national polls, it's really the battleground states that really, really matter in this race. here is one of them. virginia. this is a big change. from september until now. here you see romney-ryan up 2%. that's within the margin of error here. with plus or minus three in the new fox poll. take a look at the independents also in the fox poll. and there you see a big shift for independents in virginia. among likely voters. from september until now. another shift with women voters. this is nationally. this is likely voters. another big shift. and a change. that is significant. men battleground states in colorado where the president
3:43 pm
was hoping to make an impact with female voters. we talked about colorado with our experts there. before. let's bring in texert' here -- experts here. bill kristol editor of "weekly standard." juan williams columnist with the hill. syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. the state of this race, looking looking at those polls. where do you put this? >> romney pulled ahead enough. but there are 10 or 12 days left and the momentum could continue or widen or reverse and plateau and then reverse and continue again. nothing goes straight in one direction for 12 days at the end of a race. very strong last few weeks for mitt romney. no question about it. >> bret: juan? >> i think romney has the momentum. momentum extended past the second debate in most polls. it has stopped now. has obama stopped it with the performance in third debate
3:44 pm
but is he starting to reverse the gains? what we are seeing is romney maintained the advantage he gained out of the first debat debate. we have seen independents shift to romney. most of the swing states it's not different than what it was in days after the first debate where we saw romney pick up in states like florida, north carolina, i don't think is particularly in play anymore. but in states like ohio, the big one, the obama advantage is still exists. >> bret: charles? >> i think that is true. a fall back for romney, he could make it for colorado.
3:45 pm
the republicans surprised everybody and won repeatedly. that could be the big surprise. if romney did that assuming that ohio is in jeopardy he could win. what is interesting here is what you saw in the virginia involving women. i don't believe a national poll where there is no gap. there has been a gap for 30 years so i'm not sure it disappears. what is accurate what happened in virginia where the gap was cut in half from from 12 to 6. which sounds right. that is a huge shift toward romney. >> bret: bill, a couple things happened today. general colin powell come out on the morning show. reembrace president obama. he endorsed him in 2008. he is now endorsing him again. in 2012. the obama campaign ou touted tht highly today. >> you can learn a lot looking a it both campaigns where they think the race is. they have the best polling and
3:46 pm
a stake in getting it right. romney is running as a guy on a path to win. giving a big speech tomorrow. what do you do if you want to cement the notion that you are the next president? you give a presidential type of speech tomorrow. what is president obama doing? hyping endorsements by someone who endorsed him four years ago. taking shot, romneysia and playing a war on women card. really? that is what an incumbent president does ten days out? if you are winning as incumbent president you have looked like incumbent president. romney looks like the president. and out thing endorsements we tried that in the first bush white house. powell was important in 2008. because he validated barack obama. who was unknown. he has been president for four years. it doesn't matter. >> bret: do you agree with that? >> no. i think colin powell is a highly respected politician in your country. arguably for many years the most respected politician. it matters. again, what we are talking
3:47 pm
about is a small sliver of people who haven't made up their mind. he might have influence on them because he is not seen as partisan figure but american hero. >> colin powell is a great man and courageous patriot but he will not swing ten people in the country with that endorsement. >> bret: the other thing president obama is doing is a lot of interviews still with interesting outlets. "us weekly" and rolling ston stones. radio stations. a lot of young people, mtv. trying to get young people fired up. rolling stone he has an interesting conversation about his kids. he said kids have good instincts they look at the other guy and says that is a
3:48 pm, and he uses the word and i can tell. that caught some people by surprise. bill? >> it's astounding that an incumbent president will use the word about rival, who will probably be the next president but shows the state of his mind, which is not a cheerful guy who is looking forward to what will happen ten days from now. a bitter guy who thinks he is not getting his due and being defeated by someone who he presumably doesn't respect much. >> wow! i think he thought the guy really has not on the substance of the matter been forthcoming. he put it in language, you know, kind of hip young people lingo. to me, it's not appropriate. i don't think the president of the united states should use profanity. but once you get beyond that, there is something to be said for what he has to say. >> he made strategic decision to abandon the advantage of being incumbent and having the presidential air. by using that kind of language. by going on the soft venues.
3:49 pm
giving ridiculous speeches about romneysia. they gave a great political speech years ago and talking about romneysia. he is doing that to get the demographics, the young people et cetera. what he is, forfeited is the stature of a president and i think romney is trying to portray himself as exactly that. that could be the winning strategy. >> bret: where does this benghazi story go? do you think? >> it's being carried by fox and a pew other outlets. i think unfortunately, because of the silence of the other media it will likely have a life after election day. it will prove a true scandal. but i can't see it breaking between now and then because the white house, the administration is going to stone wall. and delay. they may succeed in doing that if the press is not on their heels. >> i don't agree.
3:50 pm
>> l.a. and new york. people asked about it. it didn't mention it in my talk, about politics. people raised it. i think the combination of the lack of security in the first place, the failure to be ready to do something when it began and coverup afterwards. it's breaking through more perhaps than we realize. >> bret: next up, races that will determine who controls the u.s. senate. [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people like you, are choosing advil® because helps you keep doing what you love. you took action, you took advil®. and we thank you. tomato, obviously. haha. there's more than that though, there's a kick to it. wahlalalalallala! smooth, but crisp. it's kind of like drinking a food that's a drink, or a drink that's a food, woooooh! [ male announcer ] taste it and describe the indescribable. could've had a v8.
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>> bret: the race for the white house, to the race for the senate. right now balance of power in the senate favors democrats with 51, plus two independents who caucus with democrats. republicans hold 47 seats. real clear politics labels these states as tossups. arizona, connecticut, indiana,
3:54 pm
massachusetts, missouri, montana, nevada, north dakota, virginia and wisconsin. tonight we look to wisconsin, getting down and dirty rabid mains close. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel has specifics. >> tommy thompson in a battle against tammy baldwin to affect the senate balance of power. baldwin blasts thompson taking credit for the economy when bill clinton was president and he was governor. >> what tommy is not telling you is what he has been up to since he left the state of wisconsin. he went to work in washington for george w. bush and helped turn bill clinton's surplus in to a deficit. >> baldwin declined our request for interview. thompson says baldwin is too liberal to represent wisconsin in the senate. >> this is a classic race between somebody that works with both political parties and somebody like tammy baldwin who is so extreme,
3:55 pm
even her own political party doesn't pass the legislation. she is an individual that believes far left. a taxer an spender. >> add out this week, o thompson ripped for her vote on resolution remembering those killekilled in the september 11 attacks. >> tammy bald world cup had the opportunity to vote to honor the victims of 9/11. she voted against it. >> baldwin's campaign called thompson's ad a disgrace, saying the bill contained elements of the g.o.p. agenda. >> the truth, time and again, tammy baldwin supported honoring victims of 9/11. >> real clear politics calls the race a tossup and has baldwin up by less than a point averaging recent polls the. latest marquette university law school poll has thompson leading amongst likely voters by one point, 46 to 45. and the director of that poll says the tough tone of the race has had an impact. >> to me the most important thing is the way the negativity of the race has affected both candidates. and how both have been
3:56 pm
effective at tarring the other side with their negative message. >> while this is a big year for wisconsin republicans, with paul ryan on the ticket, and reince priebus, the rnh chair, experts note the recall against governor scott walker further polarized the state. in a purple state it should be close on election day. >> bret: thanks. more senate races coming up when we come back. unexpected guest during a focus group. ♪ atmix of the world needs a broader that's why we're supplying natural gas to generate cleaner electricity... that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and it's also why, with our partner in brazil, shell is producing ethanol - a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane. >>a minute, mom! let's broaden the world's energy mix. let's go.
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